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TV Room Fitness! Not promoting it but something is better than sitting on couch!

Updated: May 28, 2021

Although it’s not the Best way to spend your Free time, still people do it and some just do it too much!!!I am not in favour of siting more than 30minutes at anytime of the day as it slows down your metabolism and responsible for storing fat! Movement is Life and we need to do move as much as possibe in any given scenario.

Here are few tips how you can make your TV time active.Try to Stand up in commercial breaks and finish house hold chores.You can actually do few things that require little attention while watching your fav daily soaps for e.g. ironing your clothes.You can keep that remote away and stand up go to the TV if you need to change channels.

If you own a Cardio exercise equipment, place it in TV room and you can watch your fav movie or daily soaps while walking on treadmill or cycling through it.. you can Burn upto 1500KCal while watching an average Hindi blockbuster.Try not to binge on popcorn, salty snacks and cold drinks while watching TV. You can chew on carrots and radish though.

Gagan Arora

Lifestyle Coach & Celebrity Trainer.

Founder Kosmic Fitness

Garmin Running Coach, India

Revo2lution Running Master Coach

Bosu International Master Trainer

Master Functional Trainer

Ironman Certified Coach

ACSM Personal Trainer

Reebok Certified Group Fitness

Reebok Marathon Trainer

Barefoot Training Specialist

Animal Flow Instructor (Global Bodyweight Training)

REHAB Trainer

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