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How to tweak your workout for the heat wave??

There are two types of people, one who want to train in any condition and second who love to make excuses every now and then… 

We are referring to the first type…. 

Whatever is the weather, Your mindfulness and knowledge can keep you stay active even during heat wave conditions. 

One needs to understand the physiological stress of hot weather on the body to amend their routine & keep training during summer months as well. 

Here are few pointers that will help you be a workout beast, even during summers… 

  1. Respect the transition: Any changes in weather conditions puts some adaptive stress on the human body. It takes time for your body to adapt to the rising mercury. It’s fine to feel tired and drained for few days and go easy on your training routine, focus more on staying cool, enhanced quality of sleep, optimal nutrition and ample fluid intake during this phase. This can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks. 

  2. Low intensity long work or high intensity short bouts of exercise both are ok to do in summers. Make sure if you are doing any outdoor workouts better finish it close to sunrise. Avoid doing hard long workouts as it heats up your body a lot more and there will be very slow recovery because of high temperatures during the day. 

  3. Any sort of interval training should wrap up within 30-40min max during summers. 

  4. Getting into a pool, having a cold shower or ice bath is a great idea post workout to cool down quickly.

  5. If possible shift your trainings to controlled indoor environment like gym or home. 

  6. Must wear light weight and light shade, sweat wicking clothing to keep you cool during workouts. Always carry extra clothes to quickly change after training sessions. To keep you fresh after a sweaty workout. 

  7. Have enough electrolytes pre / Intra / post workouts to stay hydrated and energised. If you workout for an hour try to increase your daily fluid intake by 1.5 to 2 litres. Make sure you are sipping cold electrolyte solution every 5-10mins in summers during workout. 

  8. Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol. They both will further dehydrate you and disrupt your naps / sleep at night which becomes very important to recover and let your body heal from heat exhaustion. 

  9. Shift your focus to your weaknesses that can be addressed by working out indoors during this time of the year. Strength and mobility work needs minimal equipment and one can get personalised plan from an experienced coach to work on these areas when outdoor activities are challenging and / or reduced training load because of limited hours of training outdoors. 

  10. Keep planned off days in a week to prevent exhaustion.



Jump rope 1min Work : Rest 1min x 4 rounds 

Pushups 10 reps : 30sec Rest x 4 sets 

Lunges 10reps R/ L : 30sec Rest x 4 sets 

Hamstring Walk Outs 10reps : 30sec Rest x 4 sets 

Bicycle Crunches 20reps : 30sec Rest x 4 

Supine Hollow Hold 30sec : 30sec Rest x 4

Prone Superman Hold 30sec : 30sec Rest x 4 

Standing calf raises on a step / stair 30reps : 30sec Rest x 4 

B. PUSH & PULL ( Loop Bands Work ) 

Long Band Overhead Rotation 20reps x 2 sets

Pushups 10reps : 60sec rest x 4 sets 

Renegade Rows 20reps R/L with Small Band : 60sec rest x 4 sets 

Over head Pull downs  20reps R/L with 

Small Band : 60sec rest x 4 sets 

Shoulder press with long band 20reps : 60sec Rest x 4 sets 


90-90 Getups 20reps x 2 sets 

Sun salute 5 on each side x 2 sets 

Banded Zig Walk Front & Reverse 20steps x 2 sets 

Elbow plank 30sec on : 30sec off x 4 times 

Side Plank 30sec each side : 30sec Off x 4 times 

Bird Dog Hold 10reps x 5 sec hold each rep x 2 sets 

Single leg stance 60sec hold each leg 

Single leg ISO squat 15sec hold each leg x 4 times 

Single leg airplane pose 15sec hold each leg x 4 times 

Single leg heel raises 20reps : 30sec rest x 2 sets 

Seated calf raises max reps x 2 sets with 60sec rest in between. 


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