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Updated: May 28, 2021

What makes plank one of the basic moves to master before moving on to any advanced exercise or movement? Planks are great for stability training which is first step towards building a strong base for any human body. People who start lifting weights or pick up any repetitive sport like running & cycling they are at a greater risk of injuries as they have missed the foundation stone in their fitness journey. Weight training & Running should only happen after adequate mobility & stability training for 8-12 weeks if not more.

What role does plank play in overall fitness?

It’s not the only exercise to strengthen the core but comes with a bundle of benefits to build & check your core strength from time to time.

In fact we perform elbow plank and side plank as standard assessment protocol for many of our clients. One should learn to activate right muscles before clocking more time in planks. From beginners to elites few plank variations are always good to incorporate in exercise regimen to build and maintain strong core muscles.

Does the plank help achieve a six-pack?

It’s like thinking that chassis makes the car look cool. Not really but without it will your car even survive? Absolutely no. So under those six packs there is a lot more happening which is vital for optimal human locomotion and performance.

Rectus abdominals referred as six pack is one component of core muscles and is definitely trained while holding the plank but one need to watch what’s their diet to reduce the body fat percentage and make those abs visible.

Why should one not get lazy about planks?

Planks are easy to do no equipment workout. One you master them you can do it with warmups, intra workout or at the finish.

They also make a great as a stand alone quick workout mixed up with some other bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, jumping jacks & mountain climbers which can be done anywhere in HIIT format.

Is it easier for women to hold planks longer than men?

Not really it depends on ones strength, experience and focus how long you can go but it doesn’t really matter... Yes if you are going beyond 4 minute hold with equal strength and experience women might take over as they generally have more endurance than men. But mostly it’s very personal and doesn’t depend on age, sex, height...

Gagan Arora

Lifestyle Coach & Celebrity Trainer.

Founder Kosmic Fitness

Garmin Running Coach, India

Revo2lution Running Master Coach

Bosu International Master Trainer

Master Functional Trainer

Ironman Certified Coach

ACSM Personal Trainer

Reebok Certified Group Fitness

Reebok Marathon Trainer

Barefoot Training Specialist

Animal Flow Instructor (Global Bodyweight Training)

REHAB Trainer

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