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Fit Woman

Live Group Class Schedule

Strength & Mobility Classes

APRIL 2023


Monthly @₹5000/-

Strength & Conditioning

These exercises increase and maintain lean muscle mass for optimal health. Various exercises and variations are performed with just your bodyweight or with dumbbells/ kettlebells / elastic resistance. 

Maintaining healthy muscle mass is important to maintain good posture, joint and bone health , prevention & rehabilitation from musculoskeletal injuries. Strength training also aids in faster metabolism enhancing fat burning process in your body even at rest.

Equipments : Mat, Kettlebell / Dumbbells, Elastic Resistance Bands.

Mobility & Flexibility

Those who don't bend; break. It's absolutely necessary for all humans to be able to achieve and use optimal joint range of motion in all mobile joints in the body.

Lack of oxygen delivery to various body parts, stiff ankles, tight hips and spine are majorly responsible for various health issues that happen in life. Knowing your limitations and working on them on regular basis is the key concept of these sessions.

You will practice and learn various mobility and flexibility drills that will help you to achieve more range of motion better posture and healthier overall perspective of your body.

Equipments : Mat / Myofascial Roller / Towel

Fit Woman

Think out of the box!

— Ranjeema, California USA

“I have had a fairly active lifestyle always. However, I was fooled to believe that being active means healthy and fit. While I played and run throughout my college years and after, I always complained of aches and pains, which to my horror became excruciating once I was 30. Went through all sorts of health check-ups and ortho care with no results. To make things worse I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease (autoimmune hypothyroidism) which made my aches and pains especially in my joints and knees way more than I imagined inspite of an apparent healthy lifestyle. It was then that my friend introduced me to Coach Gagan Arora’s Kosmic Fitness. Over the last 4 months I am under the guidance of Coach Gagan for the running plan, mobility and core fitness and functional training. What I couldn’t achieve in few years, these 4 months have helped me do that- my aches and pains are completely gone, my flexibility has significantly increased, I run mindful miles like never before, my whole body strength has visibly increased, my all vitals (including hypothyroidism) is absolutely under control. In a nutshell I feel the fittest at 35 today. No matter how messy 2020 was, I was fortunate to find my fitness coach. It is hard to find a coach who is so invested in your fitness and health and I am glad to have found mine. Can’t thank you enough 🙏”

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