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Updated: May 28, 2021

With immense love for outdoors I just can wait for lockdown to be lifted and we get to live as a free bird as ever!

Life teaches you lessons in a way you live it, as simple as that!

Rapid urbanisation and so called development in cities has left no space for people to get the feel of large open spaces aka “outdoors”!

Kids and Teens specially need more movement than adults on daily basis, they should not be sitting idle for more than 30mins. Leaving the gadgets and walls behind children must spend more time outdoors in parks, lawns, wood & beaches to uplift their spirits and learn more in life.

Top 5 Benefits of staying, playing and living outdoors :

1. Nature Connect : Walk barefoot on grass, breathe fresh air and smell flowers these feelings cannot be felt while staying indoors no matter how many air conditioners, purifiers and essential oils you burin in the house.

2. More Activity : Jump, Crawl, Run Outdoors in open environments is easy and safe.

3. Sports : Playing an outdoor sport  trains reactivity, motor skills, alertness and  requires much more physical effort than staying on the couch of your living room and playing on gadgets in front of tv.

4. Team work : Picnics, hikes & treks,  team sports  etc are a great way to develop many human behaviours including decision making, leadership, empathy, self-confidence, bonding etc.

5. Creative mind and Better Body - Kids who play outdoors have a wider perspective of things around them and they can create their own masterpieces with mud, sand, wood and what not, we adults can’t even think of them. While doing all this they develop stronger muscles and bones by lifting throwing, pulling and reaching out for things these attributes just stay untrained in indoor environment.

Hanging on trees, dip in open waters, cycling in rain, running on grass & climbing a hill are my favourite activities.

Gagan Arora

Lifestyle Coach & Celebrity Trainer.

Founder Kosmic Fitness

Garmin Running Coach, India

Revo2lution Running Master Coach

Bosu International Master Trainer

Master Functional Trainer

Ironman Certified Coach

ACSM Personal Trainer

Reebok Certified Group Fitness

Reebok Marathon Trainer

Barefoot Training Specialist

Animal Flow Instructor (Global Bodyweight Training)

REHAB Trainer

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